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Tenancy Contracts

Have you ever needed to take your tenant to court? If so, you will know that you would have had to provide the judge with a copy of all the paperwork served at the beginning of a tenancy and this would be scrutinized by the tenant’s solicitor to find any mistake enabling them to contest eviction. This is one example.

The basics of any tenancy are getting the referencing done correctly and the paperwork served properly the first time around, as issues can be very, very costly otherwise.



Self Managing

Some landlords and investors may prefer to manage a property themselves to keep it under their ‘control’. Everyone wants to know who is going to be living in their property and that is fair enough. Their property, their choice.

However, you may wish to consider using a management company such as Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors. We specialise in doing the referencing and contract work. You can therefore be safe in the knowledge that you have not missed out any essential document which could invalidate the tenancy, especially now in the ever-changing property industry where new legislation comes in each year.




Did you know that letting agents need to adhere to over 150 regulations? Many don’t. If they had to take a guess at how many regulations apply, many would think there were a maximum of 20 or so. Alas, there are over 150 at the time of writing. If you are considering self-managing a property, are you confident enough to say that you are familiar with 150 legislations back to front?

Experience in the London, Surrey and Kingston areas is crucial when it comes to the requirements for tenancy agreements. 




Let’s set the contract work aside for a minute. Each rented property needs to have a valid gas safety certificate, which needs to be renewed yearly; the property needs to have an EPC of E or above; a full electrical check is also advised every 5 years, although some prefer to do this on an annual basis. Fire alarms need to be fully working and tested on the day the tenants move in, and this needs to be signed for as otherwise it’s your word against theirs. You would need an appropriate contents and/or building insurance. You need to serve each tenant with a ‘how to rent’ booklet (latest edition) together with their paperwork. There is more.

An inventory is advisable. Just like a schedule of condition would, it notes down each and every bit of damage to the property upon moving in to ensure that all parties are protected against claims made against them for future damage. This is as much for the tenant’s protection as it is for landlord’s.

Right to rent checks need to have been carried out and documented before signing a contract. Failure to do so can mean big fines as well as imprisonment! Yes, you read that correctly. Right to rent checks are a bit like immigration / visa checks. Whilst entering the country is the responsibility of the government to monitor, renting a flat to legal tenants is your responsibility.



The Right Contract

Back to contracts, here at Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors we use fully comprehensive contracts which cover you for all types of issues. We add in additional clauses where needed to make sure it is tailored to your property and your tenants (whether this is a single family unit or multiple students on a joint contract). We can also advise when an HMO license is needed, as in the case with many properties which have 3 or more inhabitants.



The Right Tenant

At Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors, we only do full referencing checks and do not have cheaper, partial options. This is particularly important given the talk of section 21 Eviction Notice being removed. It is so important to ensure that the landlord gets their property back if, say, the tenant stopped paying rent, became a nuisance to neighbors or any of the other horrific alternatives.

By having stricter referencing checks, we can weed out all the risky options and pick the best and safest tenant for your property.


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