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I have a question which has not been covered

If you would like to ask any further questions about your Building Surveys, Party Wall Disputes or anything relating to our services, please contact us either via our contact page or via email at info@prinsegate.com and we shall aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.

What if I am unhappy with the service?

We aim for the highest levels of customer satisfaction so we’re confident that you will be happy with our services. However, please write to us in the first instance if you have concerns. We will investigate and respond as soon as possible.

Where can I read your reviews?

Feel free to read our Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors reviews on Facebook and Google reviews, as well as the testimonials on our homepage.

Where are your surveyors based?

We have London chartered surveyors, Surrey chartered surveyors and Kingston chartered surveyors, all of which specialise in building surveys, projects and party walls.

Who pays for a Party Wall Survey?

Virtually in every case, the person carrying out the works pays for the party wall surveyor(s) and any other associated costs; however, within the Act, costs are generally paid by whichever party is benefiting from the work. In 99% of works this is the party carrying out the works; however, in certain circumstances, such as …

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What is a Party Wall Award?

An award is the final document that sets out certain terms which will have to be abided by in order to limit any disruption or damage to a neighbour’s property. It will serve as protection for both owners, as it will direct how the notifiable works are to be conducted and what remedies are available …

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What is the difference between a Party Wall, a Party Structure and a Party Fence Wall?

Party fence wall: a wall which is located on the boundary line between properties that separates the boundaries between properties. It does not include a wall that is part of a building. Party structure: a party wall or partition that separates different properties such as ceilings in-between flats. Party wall: a wall that separates buildings …

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