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Snagging Reports

Obtain a snagging list from our snagging service chartered surveyors to ensure your developers repairs all your new home’s defects in time for your arrival.

What is a Snagging List?

A snagging list is a report that covers all the issues you need to address after your developer assumes their task is completed. You can use it to ensure your developer follows through with its obligations.

New builds in London often experience post-completion problems, and past professional snagging service jobs have highlighted issues such as:


  • Cracking to Plaster Finishes
  • Unfinished Fittings
  • Uneven Floors and Stairs
  • Poorly Installed Windows, Doors and Frames

Obtaining a Snagging List

Protecting Your New Home

Buying a home in London implies committing to decades of monthly mortgage repayments, many families choose new structures that should be in near-perfect condition. However, according to some surveys, more than half of newly built homes have problems. Obtain a snagging list from one of our property snagging service chartered surveyors to ensure that your developer addresses all faults in your new home before your arrival.

The average new home has between 50 to 150 issues, ranging from shoddy paint finishes to uneven floors and faulty wiring. The developer should complete any outstanding work before you move in, but they’re often slow or unwilling to do so after receiving payment for the home.

Instead of moving your family to a potentially dangerous home, have one of our RICS chartered surveyors create a snagging list through our snagging services that identifies all of the flaws your developer must fix. 

Benefits of a Snagging List from our property snagging services

Ensure the Developer Acts Properly

Keep your builders on schedule. Ensure all problems are resolved before the purchase is complete.

Allow the Surveyor to Identify Problems

Instead of relying on a developer to find issues with a property build, why not use our professional snagging service chartered surveyors who have your best interests at heart?

Protect Your Investment

Be sure to ask your developer to cover any necessary repairs for the sake of your family's comfort and safety.

Snagging Lists for New-Build Homes

The most expensive asset you’ll ever buy is likely a house, but despite that, homebuyers are barely protected by consumer laws. If a product doesn’t live up to your expectations, you have the right to request a refund under the Sale and Supply of Goods Act. However, properties aren’t covered. Builders should identify and fix any defects before moving into your new home, but they don’t always do that.


Our snagging services can inspect your new-build property for as little as a few hundred pounds, identify problems that could cost thousands of dollars to resolve, and support your builders, so they stay within the law.


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