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Party Wall - Schedule of Condition

Ensure you are compliant with the current UK property management legislation by ensuring you provide party wall detail drawings with your party wall submissions.

What is a Party Wall Act Schedule of Condition?

The party wall schedule of condition is a visual inspection of the walls, floor and ceiling surfaces in a neighbouring property, evidencing their condition. Often visible external parts of the building are also included in the schedule.


Within a party wall schedule of conditions, you can expect photos, descriptions and other information on the state of the building before any work is started.

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schedule of condions 2 (1)

Why Party Wall Schedule of Condition are important?

Party Wall Schedules of Conditions are important for many reasons, including:


Documenting the existing condition: A Schedule of Conditions is a record of the condition of a property before any construction work or alterations take place. It includes written descriptions, and photographs to accurately record the state of the property before any work is started.


Avoiding disputes: A clear comprehensive Schedule of Conditions provides a clear reference point. If any disputes arise regarding damage or changes caused by construction work. The Schedule of Condition can be used to determine the exact condition of the property before the work began and help prevent disagreements and potential legal issues.


Establishing liability: If it can be proven that any damage was not present prior to the work and is a result of the construction activities, the responsible party can be identified and held accountable for the necessary repairs or compensation through the Schedule of Conditions document.


Insurance purposes: The Schedule of Conditions can be provided by property owners and contractors as evidence to support insurance claims in case of damage occurring during construction. The document can be used to prove pre-existing conditions of the property and evaluate the validity of the claim.


Providing peace of mind: Property owners can feel assured that their property’s condition is properly documented, minimizing the risk of disputes.

How Our Party Wall Schedule of Condition Service Can Help You...

Overall, our Party Wall Schedule of Condition service provides you a comprehensive and professional approach to documenting the condition of your property, complying with legal requirements, preventing disputes, protecting your liability, supporting insurance claims, and providing you with peace of mind.


Our party wall act schedule of condition experts will provide an in-depth record for your project as well as bring peace of mind that you will be covered in the case of any damage occurring.


Contact us to discuss our party wall schedule of condition cost options or FREE expert advice.

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Why Choose Our Party Wall Drawings Service?

When using our party wall services, there are a number of things you can expect, including:

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Adjoining Owner's Party Wall Surveyor Fees

If you are a building owner and your neighbours (adjoining owners) decide to appoint their own party wall surveyor, you will be responsible for their fees, which must be reasonable. These party wall services are likely to be charged at an hourly rate. The adjoining owner does not ordinarily pay for the fees of any party wall surveyor unless the adjoining owner has acted unreasonably.

At Prinsegate, our party wall surveyors’ services try to minimize the adjoining owner’s surveyor’s time by providing them with all the information they require from the offset and keeping to only essential negotiations. We are also accredited by the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS). So, you can be assured your party wall surveys are carried out to the highest standard.

Our Professional Standards

Our surveying practice is widely recognised for its professionalism and we are proud members of the following regulatory bodies:

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