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Prinsegate Land Value Calculator

Land has value…find out your worth

Selling your Land?

Have you ever thought of using your land to generate income and make money in the UK?

As a land or homeowner, it’s good to consider the maximum development potential of your plot. 

You never know, you could be sitting on a gold mine! 

Here are some factors you should consider when valuing a plot of land in the UK. 


The location of the land will greatly affect its value. Land in urban areas will typically be more valuable than land in rural areas.


The size of the land will also affect its value. Larger plots will typically be more valuable than smaller plots.


The zoning of the land will also affect its value. Land zoned for residential use will be more valuable than land zoned for agricultural use.


The topography of the land will also affect its value. Flat land will be more valuable than hilly or mountainous land.


The access to the land will also affect its value. Land that is easily accessible by road will be more valuable than land that is difficult to access.

Planning permission

The land value may be impacted by the potential for obtaining planning permission for development.

If your garden looks like this, you could be looking at your pension.

Patch of grass land value sell your land develop your land

Why you should consider developing the land you own

With Prinsegate, you can unlock the money hidden in your land and turn it into a profitable asset. Whether you’re living on your pension, looking for additional source of income or want to cash in on a land purchase. Prinsegate can help you get planning permission and build homes that will bring in rental income or could be sold on. By building homes on your land, you could be making a steady stream of passive income that will last for years to come.


As a chartered surveyors we have access to skills, expertise and talent to develop land with astonishing efficiency. We pay particular attention to the return on investment but we are passionate about conservation and will do everything we can to cause minimal disruption to local wildlife and neighbours! 

Learn more about how Prinsegate can help you make money with your land today!

In the middle of a development?

Below are the services we offer that can add value to any property or land development project. 

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