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Prinsegate Premium Drone Surveys

Now, we are really flying with our drone survey service…

Why use a Drone?

Budget and Efficiency 

A drone can be fitted into your budget in the project planning stage and be a really effective way of surveying a large roof or plot of land that would take several days for a person to survey. 


Safety and Accessibility 

Using our drone survey service can help to navigate dangerous situations and locations around the site. 



Drones can fly up 120m high in the UK; this bird’s eye view allows for large data sets to be collected and for a holistic survey to be completed.

Prinsegate Mavic Pro Best Drone for Drone Surveying
Prinsegate Drone Buildign Survey Of A Roof3

Recording Images / Drone Imagery

Drone Photography

Take your perspective to new heights by taking pictures with a drone survey service machine. Creating a good building survey report is all about leaving no stone unturned and at Prinsegate we now have the ability and means to provide this service. 


  • Capture an image that has only been seen by birds and pilots for years
  • Gain a more complete view of a property or area of land
  • Reduce or eliminate any risk by taking away the guesswork

Drone Videography

Our drone survey service has removed all the hassle of booking a drone videographer. We provide licenced and insured commercial drone pilots.  


  • Capture footage and angles that prove or document the condition of a building
  • Plan more promotional feature length films
  • Quickly and easily  share the footage with your stakeholders or team

Drone Mapping

Drone Roof Surveys

The days guessing the condition of the roof, or needing to put ourselves at risk of injury. Our drone survey service team are perfectly equipped to provide homeowners and landowners with an efficient drone roof inspection.


  • We use the latest, most up-to-date drone technology
  • We focus on affordability, quick turnarounds and accuracy
  • Delivering a holistic approach without the need for expensive scaffolding

Drone Mapping or "Photogrammetry".

Never before has collecting scientific data been so accessible. We are proud to offer 100% coverage of a roof or area of land enhanced by collecting and displaying large and sophisticated data sets through our drone survey service. 


  • Control your  construction and facilities management by collecting data over large areas
  • Understand your challenges, opportunities groundworks and landscape design
  • Track changes over time with land, forest and river management services
Prinsegate GIS Drone Mapping for Building Surveys and Planning Permission

Why Choose the Prinsegate Drone Service?

Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors are backed up by industry experts in fields such as law, surveying, structural engineering, architecture and building surveyors. We have nationwide coverage but utilise local surveyors. We like to think our local touch combined with our years of experience gives our drone survey service the edge. 

  • Competitive Prices

  • Fast & Friendly Service

  • Rapid Response

  • Tips on Avoiding Hidden Costs

  • Fair & Impartial Representation

  • Performance Guarantee

  • Efficient Completion Time

  • Free Initial Consultation

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Our Professional Standards

Our surveying practice is widely recognised for its professionalism and we are proud members of the following regulatory bodies: