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Block Management - Company Secretariat Service

Ensuring your property remains in the boundaries of the law at all times is paramount. Our company secretariat service is on hand to ensure you are covered with all legalities.

What are company secretariat services?

Our company secretariat service acts as an external department within your business and is responsible for ensuring that your company and its staff comply with all UK legal and regulatory requirements. 


One of Prinsegate’s experts will then be responsible for ensuring that the company’s directors and officers understand their legal and regulatory obligations and that the company complies with them, avoiding any costly legal expenses that otherwise might occur.

company secretariat service2
company secretariat service

What areas can our block management company secretariat service help you with?

Our company secretariat services help businesses stay compliant with laws and regulations. Some of the services offered include:


Company Incorporation and Registration

We can assist with the incorporation and registration of a company. This includes registering the company with the appropriate regulatory bodies and obtaining any necessary licenses and permits.


Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices, and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. Company secretariat providers can help businesses establish and maintain effective corporate governance practices.


Regulatory Compliance

Our experts can ensure that your company complies with all relevant laws and regulations. Our London company secretariat team can help businesses understand legal obligations and ensure that they are complying with them.


Shareholder Management

Shareholder management involves managing the relationship between a company and its shareholders. Our company secretariat experts can help you communicate effectively with your shareholders and manage shareholder meetings.


Company Secretarial Support

Prinsegate provides administrative support to a company’s board of directors and senior management. This includes preparing board papers, drafting minutes, and maintaining corporate records.

What are the benefits of using our block management company secretariat service?

There are many benefits to using our company secretariat service, including:

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations – Our company secretariat service ensures that your property is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations
  2. Efficient Administration – Our team of experts takes care of all administrative tasks, including managing service charge payments, and arranging repairs and maintenance
  3. Financial Management – We provide accurate and transparent financial reporting
  4. Expertise and Experience – Our team has extensive experience in property management and a deep understanding of the challenges that landlords and property owners face. 
  5. Improved Communication – We act as a central point of contact for tenants, ensuring that their queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently.
company secretariat

Why choose our block management company secretariat service?

Our company secretariat experts will ensure that you comply with laws and regulations, as well as help you build trust with your stakeholders, and maintain effective corporate governance practices.


We provide a service that is:

  • Widely Recognised
  • Professional
  • Reliable & Communicative
  • Extremely Knowledgeable
  • Members of Several Awarding Bodies
  • Happy Clients & Positive Reviews
  • Located Near You in London, Kingston & Surrey

Our Professional Standards

Our surveying practice is widely recognised for its professionalism and we are proud members of the following regulatory bodies:

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