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Block Management - Arrears Collections

Ensure any overdue service charge invoices are paid and ground rent collection is secured through our arrears collection service. 

What are Arrears?

Arrears is a commercial term meaning a payment that is past its due date. In cases where payments are missed one or more times then the account is said to be in arrears. 


Our service charge arrears collection offering can provide you a simple way to ensure that invoices are sent, paid and if overdue, dealt with.

arrears collections
arrears collections2

What types of arrears can our collection service help you with?

There are many types of arrear that Prinsegate’s arrears collections service can help you with. These include:

  • Service charge arrears
  • Ground rent arrears
  • Sinking fund arrears to cover major repair work.
  • Administration fee arrears
  • Other arrears such as unpaid debts or charges related to the management and maintenance

Our service charge recovery process

Block management service charge arrears collection services can help to recover these arrears through a range of methods, including negotiation, legal action, and debt recovery procedures. 


By working with Prinsegate’s professional collection service, you can ensure that arrears are recovered efficiently and effectively, helping to maintain the financial stability of your property.

service charge arrears collection
service charge arrears collection2

How we can help with any disputes

Prinsegate is adept at resolving disputes that may arise related to arrears or other financial issues within a leasehold or shared property. We have many years of helping companies overcome disputes, using tactics such as:


Negotiation: We will work with all parties involved to negotiate a fair and reasonable solution to the dispute, such as using a payment plan or settlement agreement.


Mediation: We can facilitate discussions and negotiations between the parties to reach a mutually agreeable solution.


Legal action: necessary, we can manage a collection service to assist with initiating legal action to recover the debt and resolve the dispute.


Communication: We can provide clear and open communication between all parties to help find a resolution.

Why Choose Our Arrears Collection Service?

Prinsegate has many years of experience in block management, Over this time we have managed many buildings effectively, saving the building owners time, money and ensuring the safety of their buildings. 


When using our arrears collection service you can expect a transparent, and informative arrears collection service that will ensure finances due are received.


We provide a service that is:


  • Widely Recognised
  • High Levels of Professionalism
  • Reliable & Communicative
  • Extremely Knowledgeable
  • Members of Several Awarding Bodies
  • Happy Clients & Positive Reviews
  • Located Near You in London, Kingston & Surrey

Our Professional Standards

Our surveying practice is widely recognised for its professionalism and we are proud members of the following regulatory bodies:

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