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Property & Building Services

Finding reliable, reasonable and clear building and property management services can be difficult. At Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors we are proud to be different from many other companies who offer similar services. Our core principles build on two core values; clarity and communications. We know that many of our customers are not building experts and that there is a lot of jargon that can seem daunting, confusion or designed to catch you out. Our team operate with a clear and coherent mentality ensuring that everything including prices, time scales, expectations and potential challenges are explained clearly throughout every stage of the process. By keeping the communications clear and regular we ensure that our work is completed to specification and that your project is completed to an exceptional standard, on time without any hidden surprises.

What Services do we Offer?

As Chartered Surveyors we offer numerous services to ensure that you get the most out of your property whether you are planning to sell, expand or make changes to better suit your lifestyle or new requirements.

  • Party Wall – Defining who has rights to a portion of a shared property wall or partition between two properties and how that effects ongoing developments to yours and your neighbour’s property
  • Building Surveys – A detailed inspection and evaluation of a property including its condition, assets, opportunities for expansion or change, repairs and alternations that have been made or need to be made
  • Property Project Management – Ongoing management of a refurbishment or other building work and construction on your property by certified experts
  • Property Valuations – An in-depth inspection focused around the value of your product considering; property condition and ongoing potential, proximity and locality to desirable amenities and general property identity, which may include scope for change and additional features
  • Structural Engineering – This service can include a variety of additions, removals and replacements of features and structural components with additional progression to and sourcing on materials, feasibility and implementation of desired structures
  • Dilapidations (Landlords) – Correctly following the legal process to collect compensation from tenants resulting from tenant damage to a property during the lease term
  • Dilapidations (Tenants) – Protection against baseless repair claims and advice when served with Schedule of Dilapidations

A truly Bespoke Chartered Surveyor Service

Our range of services is by no means restrictive, if you need more than one service, are hoping to undertake something very ambitious or would just like to run a few thoughts past any of our Chartered Surveyors or other service specialists then we would love to hear from you. Feel free to give us a call or email us and we will help you to discuss your ideas and create an effective scope of work to begin the process.