Our Dedicated Professionals

Jemma R.

Jemma has been with Prinsegate for the last 3 years. She has a background as a developer and property manager and previously wrote the property column for What Investment Magazine. In her spare time, Jemma has taken on the role of being part-time cheerleader for her sport fanatic 5-year-old son.

She also enjoys travelling and with what spare time she has left – going to music concerts.

Amy S.

Amy has previous experience in the property world prior to Prinsegate, including Estate Agency and Conveyancing. She has clear understanding, knowledge and invaluable insight into the process of buying a property. Amy has picked up various skills in her career, she has been involved in dealing with clients, overseeing deals and winning instructions. This invaluable experience led her to Prinsegate, where she has taken on the role of Assistant Manager. 

Amy enjoys running and has done a total of 6 half Marathons so far! She is currently looking for a property of her own in London and believes it is the best city to work and live in.


Melodie is a new face at Prinsegate, having recently left her previous management role with a North London charity where she has worked for the past 11 years. Prior to this she has worked abroad for an international property firm and helped in the logistics operation of a high-end luxury rand.

She has a passion for travel and interior design, the latter of which she is currently studying at degree level, and according to her husband has “impeccable taste”!


Alexandra began her career in business during the early months of 2012 and prides herself on achieving high standard results whilst providing impeccable client service. With combined honours in Journalism, Mass Communications and Drama, Theatre Performance Studies, Alexandra utilises her skills to easily extract the root of all situations whilst actively constructing creative solutions. This enables her to assist the Admin Team and design innovative processes for the Business Development Department here at Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors.

In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys dancing Colombian (Cali-Style) Salsa, hiking in Bergen, Norway and performing in London’s West End Theatres.”


Reakha has a natural talent in business development and helping start-ups to get off the ground. She has had a successful career in this industry for over 15 years, she has gained experience in various fields ranging from e-commerce to hospitality. Reakha has always had a strong passion for property and real estate and is now applying her skills and knowledge into her work at Prinsegate.

Reakha enjoys cooking in her spare time and experimenting with recipes, she also likes to take part in gym classes such as boxing, so watch out!

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