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What are Dilapidations?

When a landlord leases a commercial or residential property to a tenant, the tenant is expected at the end of the lease to return the property to the landlord in the same condition as at the start of the lease.

Any defects and disrepairs unresolved at the end of a tenancy are known as “dilapidations”: a complex area of law that can be costly to one or both sides when expert advice is not sought.

Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors helps both landlords and tenants navigate through an often-complex legal process.  

Landlords – Protect your Investment

  • Get compensation (repairs or repayment) of damages caused by tenants
  • Protect property value from careless tenants
  • Ensure notices are created correctly and delivered at the appropriate time
  • Know what can be claimed and the correct amounts to charge

Tenants – Protect your Rights

  • Protect yourself against baseless repair claims
  • Avoid costly repair expenses and court fees
  • Understand your rights and obligations when served with a Schedule of Dilapidations notice
  • Confirm the true costs of any requested repair

Dilapidations services for Landlords include:

  • Reviewing legal documents such as leases, licences, agreements, and repairing covenants to clarify responsibilities for repair
  • Inspecting properties and identify any disrepair
  • Correctly preparing the Schedule of Dilapidations before end of lease term
  • Pricing the Schedule of Dilapidations  to reflect the particular circumstances of the premises
  • Preparing diminution valuation reports where litigation is required to recover damages
  • Undertake or oversee work required for repairs, alteration, extension or complete redevelopment.

Dilapidations services for Tenants include

  • Reviewing lease terms and advising on potential repair liability
  • Advising on impact of any planned alterations to a leased premise
  • Reviewing any dilapidation notices served by landlord
  • Negotiating with the opposite party and make all reasonable efforts to arrive at a mutually agreeable scope and/or cost of repair works.
  • Act as an expert witness where litigation is required to settle disputed claims

Why Trust Prinsegate for Dilapidations Services?

As well as preparing and issuing a Schedule of Dilapidations, Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors are also able to give professional advice on any building work for repairs, reconstruction, alteration, extension or even complete redevelopment.

Finally, as with our other professional services we give the same excellent level of service for Dilapidations:

  • Competitive prices
  • Fast, friendly service
  • Rapid response and/or call-back
  • Tips on avoiding hidden statutory costs
  • Jargon-free advice
  • Balanced, fair, and impartial representation
  • Performance guarantee
  • Efficient completion time
  • Free initial consultation

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If you are a landlord wishing to protect the value of your property or are a tenant seeking advice after having been served with a Schedule of Dilapidations, please contact Prinsegate for a free initial consultation.

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