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Block Management

We’ve focused on creating a detailed list of steps that will assist in any and all of your block management and onboarding preparation.

Step 1: Meet With Development Directors

Meeting with the new Development’s Directors to review and sign Management contract and discuss an effective handover process.

Step 2: Prepare Checklist for Handover

Documents / Funds from Previous Managing Agent Responsibility
All documentation relating to the service charge accounts
Section 20 Notices that have been served
Service charge debtor lists
Contractor and subcontractor invoices
Service Charge Demands
Details of any planned major works expenditure
Transfer of any unspent funds
Copies of year-end financial accounts
Any outstanding litigation issues

Step 3: Review Lease Documentation

Read and Review the Lease documentation. An understanding of the lease would help with better management of the Development

Step 4: Meet With Directors

Meeting with Directors to further discuss management of the development and what they can expect from our team.

Core Responsibility of the BPM Department:

  • Attend Development and ensure compliance on all Health and Safety / Fire Risks assessment of all common areas.
  • Further ensure regulatory compliance in-line with industry guidelines
  • Put in place insurance and ensure annual renewal
  • Promptly arrange works resulting from Health and Safety / Fire Risk Assessment reports
  • Carry out regular visits to conduct inspection of common parts and deal promptly with matters that arise
  • Further carry out ‘white-glove’ test to ensure cleaning is done to a high standard
  • Check for any minor issues which could be easily missed and arrange for immediate repair
  • Prepare specification for periodic works i.e. Gardening, Cleaning, Windows etc. and arrange to tender for and also administering of, maintenance contracts.
  • Oversee works carried out by contractor to ensure they are done properly and to the required standards.
  • Oversee and manage major works on site; working collaboratively with Residents and contractors
  • Work together with Directors and leaseholder to build a robust budget in order to ensure sufficient funds are available to pay for services provided to the development
  • Issue service charge budgets and accounts on time and also collect and process service charge / ground rent payments
  • Prepare and file annual financial Accounts and other statutory information with Companies House
  • Provide up-to-date financial information to Residents
  • Under statutory trust, effectively maintain Client’s funds in interest bearing bank account
  • Hold regular meetings and Annual General Meetings as agreed in the Management Contract and also ad-hoc site visits
  • Keep Residents updated via telephone, email and posted letters
  • Provide management information via the company’s dedicated Clients’ online portal
  • Dealing with Residents’ queries promptly and effectively
  • Provide details regarding Company’s compliant procedures to Residents

Step 5: Draw an Annual Schedule for Each Development to Promote Effective Management

Meeting with the new Development’s Directors to review and sign Management contract and discuss an effective handover process.

Schedule Steps
Residents’ meeting
Annual General Meeting
Contract Renewal (cleaning, gardening, windows, etc.)
Insurance Renewal
Health and Safety / Fire Risk Assessment Due Dates
Service Charge Budget Due Date
Major Works
Management Contract Review Date

Step 6: Get to Work!

Following the above steps will ensure you are ready to begin the Onboarding process. We hope these tips help you have a smooth transition.

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