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Construction Project Management


Whether you are building a house or a skyscraper, a project manager sees the build through from start to finish, whilst keeping it within the allocated timeframe and budget.

When doing an extension or a build you would traditionally follow this pathway:

  1. Architect designs the plans
  2. Structural engineer does calculations
  3. Builders are called in to give quotes
  4. A party wall award may need to be done with your neighbour
  5. Work starts


Your Interests

Building companies may have project managers in their team, but they generally serve the interests of the company that employs them. It is therefore prudent for you to hire an independent project manager to oversee the build and safeguard your interests.



Attendance is important, as nothing beats seeing what is going on in the flesh and communicating with personnel on site. Some project managers attend once a week, others every second day depending on the project. Experienced developers require frequent attendance by all team members more and more often.

An Extra Pair of Eyes and Hands

With their years of experience and the fact that they are independent from the building company, project managers would be able to pick up on any missed or incorrectly done work. The project manager would instruct the builder to “nip this in the bud” and instruct your builder to have this rectified.

A project manager’s job is to take the stress off your hands and ensure the build proceeds as smoothly as possible and within the agreed timeframe and budget, whilst maintaining good relationships between all parties.



Builders may have given an initial quote, but for a variety of reasons they go overbudget. It is typical.

Project managers deal with all parties, plus deliveries – all of which need to be within a tight deadline to avoid delays in the build, and finances. Our aim at Prinsegate is to be under budget and we know that time is money.

When problems arise, your project manager must be quick-thinking and find solutions for these so the work can continue efficiently. A project manager can make or break a project. Your project manager is arguably the most important party in your build, as they have the ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the build.


A project manager should carry out the following example activities:

  • Builders: finding the right ones for the job is half the battle
  • Timely orders and deliveries: these must be placed when required
  • Client expectations: these need to be managed in respect of maintaining good relationships between suppliers and builders
  • Budget management: continually forecast and keep the team updated on any changes
  • Setting benchmarks: achieving targets and monitoring progress can keep the team on track
  • Progress reports: letting all the stakeholders know what stage everyone is at
  • Tasks lists and delegation: this should occur almost daily
  • Regulation: checking the build is compliant with local building control and council bye-laws


At Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors we undertake projects big and small for our clients. With a background as contractors and years of building surveying and party wall expertise, our team are able to plan and ensure your projects are completed in a timely, cost-efficient manner in line with local regulations. Give us a call today to discuss your project and find out how we can assist.

Get your project off the ground today. Contact Prinsegate on 01372 540 250

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  • St Christopher's Court before

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Randolph Avenue – Maida Vale

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  • Pringle & Clover

Pringle & Clover – Newsholme Drive

The works comprised a complete overhaul of all sash windows and casement windows of the block. Exterior...
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Poland Street – Soho

This particular building is located in the heart of busy Soho. The property featured a protruding rounded...
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Penrose House – Newsholme Drive

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