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Community Housing Projects

The Community-Led Housing Sector is rapidly growing. We want to be there to support its trajectory. We are here to support in every aspect.

We are official Partners of the CCH (Confederation of Co-Operative Housing)

The Confederation of Co-operative Housing is a specialist in supporting community housing projects through to completion. To create a “habitable home” there are many legislative hoops to jump through. CCH has partnered with Prinsegate to offer a more holistic and streamlined service to its members. 

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A more in-depth undestanding of Community Housing

Co-ops and all those in the CLH (Community Lead Housing) sector tend to be volunteers who just want to make it happen for themselves. They may be priced out of the market, or have limited access to accommodation where they want or choose to live and for many having a say in how things are run is important.


Community Led housing in all its forms is complex, and can take a really long time to get something off the ground. Groups raise money by way of grant funding, through partnership with others ( developers/RP’s), by way of share offer, bank funding and by Government grants/loans and initiatives. Its quite a structured approach and CCH as a body provides advice to co-ops on how to obtain and secure funding. So in that context I don’t think it’s appropriate to offer financial services, but it could be something thrashed out for specific circumstances , funding for unexpected repairs perhaps, but in the future. Again all co ops, and others CLH groups tend to have financial and risk assessments in place with rolling programmes for repairs and maintenance etc funded by rental income/investment.


Interestingly at the moment the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) and proposed changes is out for consultation in light of the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill.


One of the changes that are taxiing people in the industry is the definition of what is community-led housing. In this context and for the website it may be better to say: Every community-led housing project is unique. It can offer something for everyone, enabling ordinary people to create and deliver the homes they want and need in their community. It could be new build, refurbishment, a large or small scheme and might be a co op, a community land trust or a co housing scheme or even self build. There is no ‘one size’ fits all.


Prinsegate is here to offer practical support to your project with professional and technical property advice. It can help you understand any physical property issues and help clarify options and solutions to build decent and affordable homes.

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