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Building Surveyors London

Our London team of Building Surveyors specialises in delivering the highest-level reports (RICS level 3) – attainable only by a Chartered Building Surveyor. This report ensures that you buy your new home with confidence.

Why You Need a Building Surveyor

A building surveyor will most likely be used when looking for a property to purchase or if you have intentions to extend. They offer professional advice on factors such as building defects, alterations, extensions and renovations. Their service is even more important when you’re dealing with larger, older or rundown properties.

The RICS full building survey reports (also known as full structural building surveys) are far more in-depth compared to any other survey report because it gives detailed information about the structure and condition of the property.

These reports help to inform your decision on a property in conjunction with a valuation, which is usually provided by the mortgage lender. It will help you to understand the costs that may occur down the line should certain work need doing.

What does a Building Surveyor do?

Building Surveyors conduct structural surveys on both residential and commercial property ranging from multi-million-pound buildings to more modest structures.

They complete detailed reports, known as building surveys, which identify any defects or advise on repair, maintenance and restoration options. Building surveying best practices are adhered to for surveys on existing buildings, any buildings with architectural or historic importance or on the development of new buildings.

Building Surveyors can also make good project managers, given their knowledge of construction, their responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring projects are completed to schedule and budget
  • Advising clients on schemes and projects and determine the requirements for the project
  • Preparing scheme designs with the costs, the projects programmes for completion and the specification of the works
  • Determining the condition of existing buildings by identifying and analysing any defects and then producing a proposal for repair
  • Advising on energy efficiency, the environmental impact and sustainable construction
  • Instructing on the preservation/conservation of historic buildings
  • Supervising the maintenance of buildings
  • Dealing with planning applications, property legislation and building regulations
  • Instructing on construction and management regulations
  • Assessing and designing buildings to meet the needs of people with disabilities
  • Advising on the health and safety aspects of buildings
  • Carry out feasibility studies
  • Negotiating dilapidations (when a legal liability arises for a property’s state of disrepair)
  • Preparing insurance assessments and claims
  • Advising on boundaries and ‘right to light’ disputes using party wall surveyors

Why London Clients Recommend Us

At Prinsegate our Chartered Surveyors conduct reports in an easy to read format, so don’t be afraid of any jargon! We provide a number of clear options to help guide you to make the right decision. Our residential surveying reports give great detail on the condition of a property and many of our structural surveyors have plentiful practical knowledge from previous hands-on contracting.

We can give a realistic cost estimation for works needed in the future, which will help you greatly negotiate on the purchase price!

Our Building Surveyors in London also specialise in party wall surveying, so if your property is semi-attached and you intend to do building work that may affect the party wall act, be assured that we can undertake any of your party wall matters.

This is why we have become one of the most highly recommended building survey services in Greater London.

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If you’re looking to purchase a new property and are in need of a detailed report before you make the final decision, our Building Surveyor services could be the answer. To speak to one of our professionals simply fill out the form below and we will be happy to contact you to discuss your project requirements in more detail.