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Building Survey

RICS Building Survey

A chartered building surveyor typically produces 3 main types of RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) report:

Condition report image

Condition Report

A building surveyor will produce this report to identify a basic outline of areas needing work and attention

Homebuyer report image

Homebuyer’s Report

The purpose of this report is for the building surveyor to provide in-depth detail and a valuation on the home

Full Building Survey image

Full Building Survey

Finally, the chartered building surveyor will produce a comprehensive report covering of all physical elements of building

Our London and Surrey Building Survey teams specialise in delivering only the highest level reports (RICS level 3), which can only be undertaken by a chartered building surveyor, unlike the other reports. Our Chartered Building Surveyors take such a meticulous and highly detailed approach because we believe our customers should always be presented with complete information on a property or project. This process however, does not include a valuation, this is usually provided by the mortgage lender. Our building surveyors see this process as being essential and very beneficial to all of our clients.  Our opinion is supported by RICS as “essential for larger or older properties or if you are planning major works”. The service features relating to the building include:

Construction And Condition
Building Pathology (Damp, Movement etc.)
Urgent/Dangerous Issues
Options And Solutions
Budgeting Repairs And Restoration
Materials Usage And Performance
Hidden And Visible Defects
Consequences Of Failing To Act
Areas Of Further Investigation
Sourcing Extra Advice
Energy Efficiency

As an added bonus, our chartered building surveyors include additional reference to elements such as:

Building Regulations Compliance
Statutory Considerations
Planning (Conservation Areas And Listed Buildings)
Transport Links
Environmental Issues

Easy to understand

Don’t be afraid of jargon anymore! At Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors our reports, as well as party wall agreements, are explained in simple terms. Our Chartered Building surveyors provide you with a number of clear options, especially useful for a homebuyer interested in the condition of a property. Our structural surveyors, many of whom have practical knowledge from previous hands-on contracting, can even provide you with a realistic cost estimate for works needed, which can help you negotiate on the purchase price! This is why our building survey and party wall London, Surrey & Kingston clients recommend Prinsegate. If you are interested in speaking to Chartered Building Surveyor about a property or have general queries about the process then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.