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Help! What’s Covered Under Home Insurance?

The most expensive purchase you’ll likely ever make is buying a home. Home insurance gives you peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to fix or replace it.  However, it’s essential to understand what your policy will and will not cover.  There are two types of home insurance to consider: Buildings...
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Subsidence: Why Insurance Claims Spike During the Summer

Several big-name insurers have reported subsidence incidents are up 20%, causing a spike in insurance claims. The reason for this was due to the hotter than typical summers we have been experiencing. Read on to find out how the subsidence damage claims are linked to our hot summer. As the UK’s building stock is mainly older buildings,...
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Benefits of Building Inspections and Surveys for Homeowners

The responsibility of building your dream home does not end with the completion of its construction. Once you’ve moved into your house will need to be regularly maintained so that its life can be maximized. Being a layman, everything in the house might seem perfect, as it is difficult to gauge the damages deep inside....
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