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What is the difference between Block Management and Property Management?

How Block Management differs from Property Management?

The overall management of various amenities within a multi-property structure is called Block Management. Property Management and Block Management are two distinct types of management, despite their similar names and services.    Property Management focuses on single-tenanted properties, whereas a Block Management team oversees the overall operation of a flat complex. Budgeting, accounting, maintenance, and …

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How Can Block Managers Provide A Good Service?

How To Provide A Good Block Management Service

Many people don’t realise it, but a significant portion of residential property management’s success is based on the ability to form positive and productive relationships. Block Managers will interact with various people daily, including property owners, maintenance workers, and renters; communicating effectively to address a problem cost-effectively, swiftly, and efficiently is a talent. Block Management …

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What is Block Management?

What is Block Management?

Block management is a service where a licensed agent manages the building on behalf of the owners-occupiers; this includes the financial and operational aspects and the building’s gardens, hallways, and exterior.  Block management is also referred to as leasehold management, property management, and estate management. What is Block Management? In residential properties, block management is …

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