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How to Prepare Your Property Before Putting it on the Market

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Property sales can be pretty stressful. Not only are you moving out, but you have to tidy up more than you ever had to before. If you’re getting ready to sell your house, you’re probably wondering how to prepare yourself and the property itself. It’s not as simple as putting up a “for sale” sign on your front garden and waiting for people to flock. There’s a whole bunch of things you have to watch out for. When buying a house, people can be pretty nitpicky, which is understandable considering they might be living there for a while, and that they’re going to be paying a hefty price. Parts of your house might need to be changed aesthetically, while others could require a thorough makeover. It’s going to take a lot of effort and something ahead. Here are some tips, so you don’t get caught off guard.

Curb Appeal

They always say don’t judge a book by its cover, though people don’t follow this mantra when buying a new home. If your property looks smashing on the outside, buyers will be clamoring to get it.

Do Your Research

Before you give the all-clear to sell your place, you need to check how much people pay for similar properties in the area. What you want is what the market says is real is what you need to focus on.

Details Matter

It might seem like a relatively unimportant detail to focus on, but buyers tend to keep an eye out for the little things. A loose door handle is too apparent to ignore; it might send the message that you weren’t even trying to impress them.

Protect Valuables

Don’t leave your family jewels out in the open when letting strangers into your home. It’s not the most pleasant thing to think about, but all kinds of people exist, and some might be using sight-seeing as an excuse to steal.

Keep It Clean

You want your house to be a spotless marvel of cleanliness that anyone visiting can appreciate. Show special care to the bathroom area, the tiles should be so clean you could eat off them, and any ceramic surface should be pristine white.

What’s That Smell?

When it comes to bad smells, even the tiniest whiff of something might put off an interested party. You should conduct a smell test in every room, though it’s recommended you bring in a neutral third party that isn’t used to the house’s natural smell. You should check for damp and moisture, which can cause heavy odours.

Ask The Experts

In today’s hot market, you might be tempted to take things into your hand, but you might want to reconsider. Hiring a real estate agent could open up more avenues for selling your property, not to mention their experience could come in handy when preparing the house.

Become a Plant Parent

When you add greenery to your houses’ interior, you make it more welcoming to visitors. There’s something natural about plants that soothes the mind and makes you feel relaxed.

Depersonalize Your Interior

The aesthetic paintings and personalized items on the walls might mean a lot to you. Still, buyers won’t be interested in your sentimentality; they’ll be busy imagining themselves living in the house. You will probably have to remove many things that make the place yours to create a blank canvas that people can visualize their everyday life on.

Invest in a Survey

Buyers might think of hiring a surveyor to check out the property, and if they find any unmentioned issues, they’ll likely bail on the deal. You should hire your own to make sure any problems are taken care of before going through a sale.

Fix the Roof

You can’t sell a house with a leaky roof, or else you’re going to end up with some angry buyers the next time there’s rain. If the damage to your roof is extensive, replacing the whole thing might be the best decision, and if not, lead flashing is the way to go.

Remove Clutter

Spaciousness is all the rage nowadays when it comes to selling houses. Having too much of your stuff in rooms might make visitors feel like they won’t have enough space to put their own.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Just because you love that particular pink hue on the walls doesn’t mean a potential buyer will enjoy it as much. Paint the walls a neutral colour that can be appreciated by a wide variety of people; it could net you a sale.

Make The Right Moves

Once the sale is complete, your belongings won’t magically reappear at your new place. It’s a good idea to have the number of a moving company that can help you once your deal is finalized.

Selling your house might seem like a chore when you get into the details, but it’s something lots of people go through. Lack of time and energy might seem like it’s wasted on trivial things, at least until you see pound signs in your bank account. If you’re aiming to get the most out of your sale, you have to put in the necessary effort. When it comes to real estate, hard work does pay off.


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