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Kamen House – Farringdon Road

  • Kamen House
  • Kamen House - fire damage
  • Kamen House - Farringdon Road 2
  • Kamen House - Farringdon Road

Project Info

Project Description

The reinstatement of two apartments with steel cladding and large terraces following fire damage was particularly challenging. The two apartments were additions to the 5th and 6th floor and the fire had irreparably damaged the left flank of the roof extension. Additionally, the terrace and the flat roof insulation underneath had been damaged. In order to demolish these burnt items the building would have been left exposed to weather and a roofed scaffold was therefore constructed.

The roof extension needed many of its steel cladding segments replaced, the two apartments needed to be completely refurbished as a result of the smoke, and new roof insulation plus timber decking were installed. A large motor and extraction fan for the smoke extraction system was relocated.

Although marginally past the deadline, works were carried out to the satisfaction of the Insurance Company and the Freeholder.