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Party Wall Surveyor Surrey - Checking Engineer

For the Party Wall Surveyor in Surrey, a Checking Engineer is sometimes called upon in the Party Wall Act.
Party Wall Surveyor Surrey Engineer

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey and Checking Engineers

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Party Wall Surveyor Surrey Team – Structural Design

The structural design of a building for the Party Wall Surveyor is important. Our party wall surveyors may refer matters to a checking engineer. Why do we need them? A good professional will never step outside of his or her discipline. In relation to party wall matters, typically a surveyor will be appointed to resolve any dispute between neighbours. The surveyor is appointed by statute to administer the Party Wall Act and will sometimes require some help. Often from a structural engineer. This is assuming that the surveyor is not a structural engineer.

The Party Wall Act Explained

The Act covers this under section 10(13) in the reasonable costs incurred in making or obtaining the award. Any other matter arising out of the dispute shall be paid by the parties as the surveyor(s) determine.

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey Engineer

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey

A party wall surveyor in Surrey preparing an award should first ensure that the elements are fair and balanced. Next, that the construction and design is fit for purpose. Other experts may therefore be called in to assist. This is understandable, as there are so many areas of building work to consider.

Checking Engineer

The Party Wall Surveyor Surrey Team does not expect any engineer to take over the entire job. The engineer is also not expected to determine the whole programme. An engineer is there to assist by way of checking technical details. This is why we use the term “checking engineer”. These details may pertain to the general principles of the building works design and how the proposal might affect the adjoining owner. The checking engineer’s work should only concern the notifiable works. He or she may also wish to take into account wider issues. Other feedback from the checking engineer includes advising if any temporary works are to be considered. He/she may also request a method statement if necessary. The drawings may also need to be amended to ensure viability.

Pyramus & Thisbe explain other factors in party wall matters:

Generally, our Surrey party wall surveyors do not expect engineers to check every fine detail or re-design the scheme. This is more the responsibility of the architect. The checking engineer is neither expected to conduct site inspections nor monitor the project.

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A quotation from the checking engineer should first be obtained to avoid any excessive spending. Often, this can cause further disputes to arise. The party wall surveyor is usually responsible for the checking engineer’s fees. However, these costs are added as a separate item in the Award. This is paid for by the building owner.

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey Meeting

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey

Party Wall Surveyor Surrey Team’s Conclusion

The Party Wall Surveyor Surrey Team at Prinsegate strive to be considerate of building owners. We only request the services of a checking engineer where necessary. This keeps the total expenditure for party wall matters as reasonable as possible.

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