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Party Wall Surveyor Kingston – Due Diligence

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Party Wall Surveyor Kingston

Prinsegate’s Party Wall surveyor Kingston team enacts the procedures of the Party Wall Act diligently. The service of the party wall notices and the subsequent awards must be valid. Party wall matters can be a complicated task with a lot of administration. It is easy to make mistakes. Good software and systems help limit mistakes, but this comes second to having an effective team.

Party Wall Surveyor Kingston – Rights Under the Act

The Act make clear that a building owner must serve the appropriate notices on all adjoining owners. If no notices are served, the building owner is unlikely to have any rights under the Act. This is explained by professional bodies and clubs on the subject of party wall. See the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, of which we are a member: https://fpws.org.uk/

Title Register

Our party wall surveyor Kingston team at Prinsegate first identifies the building owner and the adjoining owner. This is important, because a property may not be in the name of someone wishing to serve a notice. The property could be in the name of a spouse or a company.

Our party wall surveyors purchase the Title Register of any Surrey property. This determines the name to be described on the notices and award. It is an additional expense, but it is vital.

Follow this link to go to the Land Registry Business e-Services website: https://eservices.landregistry.gov.uk/www/wps/myportal/My_Home

party wall surveyor Kingston Title Register


Prinsegate’s party wall surveyor Kingston team members are obliged to have an adequate paper trail. This will often include a letter of appointment, all relevant notices, and a third surveyor selection forms. Often, an owner may wish to appoint a surveyor via email confirmation, which may also be acceptable. It also important to organise and store emails as part of good record-keeping. It should be noted, however, that a letter of appointment must be directed to an individual only (i.e. a surveyor). Letters should not be addressed to a company or organisation. Thankfully, party wall matters deal with individuals. This will limit any diffusion of responsibility.


party wall surveyor Kingston paperwork

Party Wall Surveyor Kingston

If you are local, you may have received correspondence from one of our party wall surveyor Kingston team members. Each notice contains the relevant names, addresses, and nature and particulars of the proposed works. You might also receive the date on which the proposed works will commence. Notices involving excavations, erecting buildings, and special foundations will require plans (drawings). Prinsegate’s party wall surveyors will enclose these with the notices.

If a building owner appoints one of the Prinsegate party wall surveyor Kingston team members, they will first act as an agent and serve the notices. Only when actual or deemed dissent arises does a surveyor act within a statutory capacity. This means you can not simply dismiss or appoint a different surveyor unless there is a neglect or refusal to act effectively.

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