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How To Provide A Good Block Management Service

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Many people don’t realise it, but a significant portion of residential property management’s success is based on the ability to form positive and productive relationships.


Block Managers will interact with various people daily, including property owners, maintenance workers, and renters; communicating effectively to address a problem cost-effectively, swiftly, and efficiently is a talent.


Block Management is a competitive sector; therefore, good service and experience can help management firms stand out from the crowd. 


How can a Block Management company ensure that it is providing good service? Here are 5 ways Block Managers can achieve this:


  • Putting People First:

As previously stated, Block Management is primarily a client-facing position. Maintaining positive connections with clients, suppliers, contractors, and tenants is essential for excellent service.


Block Managers are in charge of various logistical and legal issues of property management, but they must also strike a balance between property owners’ and renters’ requirements. A Block Manager who is slow to react to emails or phone calls is likely to make a negative impression on a property owner because Block Managers should, for the most part, be approachable and quick to respond to communications.


A Block Manager should always prioritise residents’ needs by using their feedback to make necessary adjustments.


  • Communicating:

As communication is an essential aspect of Block Management, any Block Manager and organisation must be articulate and excellent listeners.


A Block Manager’s job is to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to interact successfully with people.


During a conflict, Block Managers must balance the diverse viewpoints of individuals and attempt to find a settlement. 


They must also be meticulous in their attention to detail and capable of following up by listening, interpreting, and understanding the situation using their skillset and knowledge base. This will ultimately help avoid conflict-induced miscommunications.


  • Possessing Actionable Knowledge:

Good Block Management businesses should have a wealth of information and be able to implement it.


People must be kept informed financially and legally throughout the Block Management process. 


Block Managers should collect budget information, record maintenance checks along with the supporting documentation, any rental agreements, and relevant receipts in addition to any other material related to the property. By having this paper trail to hand, a successful Block Manager should be able to provide concise and timely information to anyone who requests it.


Block Managers must be able to transmit large amounts of information about the day-to-day operation of the block and stay up with changing legislation.


  • Being Proactive:

A proactive Block Manager is valuable in maintaining clients’ perceptions of good service.


Before a potential problem may spin out of control, proactive managers will typically identify the issue and act upon it quickly and effectively. A good Block Manager protects the property and those associated with it by anticipating problems and preventing undesirable situations.


Block Managers should not only be proactive in the face of possible problems, but they should also be physically present. This can be accomplished by management regularly visiting each block in their portfolio.


Dropping by ensures that tenants have a point of reference and aren’t left out in the cold, as well as allowing a manager to get a general idea of how the property is doing – for example, whether or not it requires an urgent repair, that wasn’t obvious on their previous visit.


  • Being regulated:

To some extent, the Block Management industry is uncontrolled. This means that landlords and property owners may become victims of unprofessional institutions, resulting in negative consequences such as poor to non-existent tenant management, ineffective property management, and unneeded and costly repairs.


We are accredited at Prince Surveyors Chartered Surveyors. These rules ensure that we adhere to industry standards, giving our clients peace of mind and financial security.


Final Word:

An effective Block Manager, in general, will be able to create solid relationships, reason and act promptly and calmly in the event of a problem, and be proactive in honing their knowledge and experience to give the best possible service to clients.


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