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Cold house property ice

Cold temperatures damage your home: How to keep your property warm

With the cold weather, it’s important to ensure you prepare your home to avoid any potential issues. We list what you can do to ensure your house is winter-ready

Firstly, the reason that a cold home can damage the property is due to the issues surrounding moisture and dampness. This can encourage mould and mites.

Bleed your radiators

If your home feels cold even when the heating is on, it’s likely that you need to ‘bleed your radiators’. This when there’s trapped air inside the radiator, stopping the normal flow of warmth. 

This can be easily fixed with just a few steps. 

Keep curtains drawn over windows

You see so many homes with the heating on full blast, yet the curtains are wide open. The reason you should keep them drawn is to prevent the heat from escaping. 

This will keep you warm and cosy during the winter. So remember to open the windows for short periods of time every now and then though for fresh air to circulate the property. 

This form of insulation isn’t only important to keep yourself warm during the next few months, it also helps reduce condensation. 

Another way to do this is from door draft excluders, keeping rooms warm.

Loft insulation

In an uninsulated home, a quarter of heat is lost through the roof.

This means that insulating the roof area (such as loft or attic) is paramount in winter time. 

Loft insulation is a great investment as it will be effective for decades and can prevent the issues that come with a cold home. 

Pipe insulation 

Pipe insulation is thermal or acoustic insulation used on pipes throughout the home. 

The benefits of pipe insulation is that it reduces heat loss and can raise water temperature. You also won’t have to wait as long for water to hear up.

Consider the exterior of your cold property

Another reason that people’s homes get cold is due to the exterior.

In order to raise the temperatures, check your roof, gutters and exterior walls to ensure there are no damages. You may hire a surveyor to advise you with this. 

Any defects may worsen during winter if they’re not fixed quickly. The longer you wait, the issues may become more complicated and pricey.

And that rounds things up. Stay warm and cosy everyone.