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Structural Engineering

Pitched Roof: Types & Common Defects

Pitched roofs are the most common types of roofs found on buildings. They are most often used because they effectively shed water, whereas the other type of roofs, such as a flat roof, aren’t. A pitched roof is most likely...
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Subsidence: Why Insurance Claims Spike During the Summer

Several big-name insurers have reported subsidence incidents are up 20%, causing a spike in insurance claims. The reason for this was due to the hotter than typical summers we have been experiencing. Read on to find out how the subsidence damage claims...
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Which Building Survey Do I Need?

A house survey is a professional inspection of a property’s condition and identifies any potential buyer issues. It’s completed by a surveyor who visits the property, carries out an assessment, and prepares a report outlining any problems they’ve found. It’s...
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Common Flat Roofs Construction Types & Issues

We often see flat roofs at our UK Kingston surveyors’ office, so we’ve written up a piece all about flat roofs and their construction. Flat roofs are often found on extensions and outbuildings; however, they can sometimes be found on...
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11 Common Defects in Older Homes

A large portion of older buildings, such as Georgian and Victorian houses, were designed to be breathable. Lime mortar and clay bricks were very popular in the Georgian and Victorian periods. These materials are permeable by nature, meaning when the...
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Case Study: Edwardian Cottage Burst Pipe in Roof Space

One of our Surrey building surveyors carried out a building survey for an Edwardian cottage, in which there was an extensive amount of dampness. We tested for damp (which we do in all building surveys) assessed the repair property. There...
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