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Project Management

What Causes Moisture in Buildings?

One of the most common causes of moisture in buildings is penetrating dampness. It includes any damp which has penetrated the building; however, it also provides plumbing leaks. On one of our building surveys in Kingston, we saw the causes of penetrating dampness from a cavity wall (generally post the 1920s). Penetrating damp from outside...
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Case Study: Edwardian Cottage Burst Pipe in Roof Space

One of our Surrey building surveyors carried out a building survey for an Edwardian cottage, in which there was an extensive amount of dampness. We tested for damp (which we do in all building surveys) assessed the repair property. There was also another significant defect in rotten timber windows in which there was evidence of...
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How Stresses Affect Structural Members in Commercial Buildings

Several members make up a building frame. A few prominent members are struts, ties, beams, columns, and walls that make up the building’s frame. It’s essential to understand how stress affects these, especially in a commercial building. Struts are present in the frame to withstand compressive stress. This stress comes from the force of each level...
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Why Hire A Project Manager?

By having someone experienced coordinate and project manage your extension or loft conversion, you have less risk than doing it yourself. Most people think they know what “project management” is until they realize the importance of using industry-standard contracts and adhering to those terms, even for smaller jobs. Before coming to us, our new clients ran into...
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New Property Management Laws Explained

At the Surrey Property Exchange meet, which Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors sponsor, we had the pleasure of meeting Peter Littlewood, from ‘iHowz,’ formerly known as ‘The Southern Landlord Association.’ Peter provided us with a refresher of the new laws that came in regarding landlords/tenants and a rundown on current government reviews, which could potentially translate into new laws...
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