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How stresses affect structural members in commercial buildings

How stresses affect structural members (struts, ties, beams, columns, walls frames), particularly in commercial buildings There are several members that make up a building frame. A few main members are struts, ties, beams, columns and walls that make up the frame of the building. It’s important to understand how stresses affects these, especially in commercial...
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Georgian & Victorian houses: 11 defects in old homes

A large portion of older buildings, such as Georgian and Victorian houses, were designed in a way to be breathable. Lime mortar and clay bricks were very popular in the Georgian and Victorian periods. These materials are permeable by nature, meaning when the water hits the external envelope can be absorbed and evaporated. Combined with...
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Flat roofs construction – Types and issues

We often see flat roofs at our UK Kingston surveyors office so we’ve written up a piece all about flat roofs and their construction. Flat roofs are often found on extensions and outbuildings however they can sometimes be found on flats and commercial buildings. In general, they tend to be less effective than pitch roofs...
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Listed buildings and conservation areas

What are listed buildings? Listed buildings are buildings with cultural, historic (whether this is cultural, militarily or are associated with important people) or architectural (in terms of architectural design, decoration and craftsmanship) importance. A list of these buildings is kept protecting and conserving these buildings so that they can be preserved for future generations. Anyone...
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