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What to Look Out For if You’re Buying an Old House

Whether you’re a fan of traditional architecture and design or you want to buy a fixer-upper to put it back on the market, old homes bring numerous challenges that you should be aware of. Not only can specific problems cost you a fortune to fix, but they can also endanger your health and safety. Therefore,...
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Property Renovations That Add Value and Attract Tenants

Exceptional rental properties are a dime a dozen nowadays, and the industry is quickly becoming oversaturated and highly competitive. Nowadays, prospective tenants have plenty of options to choose from, so making your rental property stand out in functionality and aesthetic can be quite a challenge; that’s why renovating the interior and the exterior is one of the...
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How to Increase Your Property Value with Landscaping

When planning to sell, one should consider investing in home improvements because it will significantly increase property value. Since not every upgrade will pay off, it is best to try out improving curb appeal methods. A sure way to create a positive and memorable first impression on potential buyers is through landscaping. So, a neat...
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How Can Garden Villages Help the Housing Crisis?

The media has documented the UK’s housing crisis on many occasions. With both journalists and politicians raising the issue, could new garden villages be the answer?  What is a Garden Village? Simply put, garden villages are pieces of brownfield land that can be used for new housing communities. Usually, a garden village will contain anywhere...
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Benefits of Building Inspections and Surveys for Homeowners

The responsibility of building your dream home does not end with the completion of its construction. Once you’ve moved into your house will need to be regularly maintained so that its life can be maximized. Being a layman, everything in the house might seem perfect, as it is difficult to gauge the damages deep inside....
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A Guide to Property Investment

Real estate has always been the most secure and lucrative way of doing it when it comes to investing. And this holds, especially in today’s modern times. Since the financial crisis of 2008, investing in property has proven to be one of the very few consistent value holders. When it comes to investing in real estate,...
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