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January 15, 2021

How to Negotiate a House Price Down After a Survey

This post covers everything you need to know about how to negotiate a house price down after a survey. Even if you’ve already agreed on a price, homebuyers can renegotiate as a house purchase is Subject to Contract (which can change at any time). So, after a surveyor has completed a survey, you may find...
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What to Look Out For if You’re Buying an Old House

Whether you’re a fan of traditional architecture and design or you want to buy a fixer-upper to put it back on the market, old homes bring numerous challenges that you should be aware of. Not only can specific problems cost you a fortune to fix, but they can also endanger your health and safety. Therefore,...
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Pitched Roof: Types & Common Defects

Pitched roofs are the most common types of roofs found on buildings. They are most often used because they effectively shed water, whereas the other type of roofs, such as a flat roof, aren’t. A pitched roof is most likely to be found on the main buildings on most domestic properties. Types of Pitched Roofs...
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Subsidence: Why Insurance Claims Spike During the Summer

Several big-name insurers have reported subsidence incidents are up 20%, causing a spike in insurance claims. The reason for this was due to the hotter than typical summers we have been experiencing. Read on to find out how the subsidence damage claims are linked to our hot summer. As the UK’s building stock is mainly older buildings,...
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What Are Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas?

What Are Listed Buildings? Listed buildings are buildings with cultural, historic (whether this is cultural, militarily, or are associated with significant people) or architectural (in terms of architectural design, decoration, and craftsmanship) importance. A list of these buildings is kept protecting and conserving these buildings to be preserved for future generations. Anyone can nominate a...
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RICS Building Survey: Why It’s Essential for Home Buyers

Most of the time, mortgage lenders will request a Building Survey report for insurance purposes; this is mainly to ascertain significant defects that would not be covered in their insurance policy for the property. Moving into a new home can be an extremely stressful period in a person’s life. With current values in the property market, it...
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