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What is a garden village? How can garden villages help the housing crisis?

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The media has documented the UK’s housing crisis on many occasions. With both journalists and politicians raising the issue, could new garden villages be the answer? Here, I investigate if these villages would have regional implications and what they might offer for new buyers. What is a garden village? Simply put, garden villages are pieces...
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Property renovations that add value and attract tenants

Amazing rental properties are a dime a dozen nowadays, and the industry is quickly becoming oversaturated and highly competitive. Nowadays, prospective tenants have plenty of options to choose from, so making your rental property stand out in functionality and aesthetic appeal can be quite a challenge. This is why renovating the interior and the exterior...
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How to increase property value through landscaping

When planning to sell, one should consider investing in home improvements because it will significantly increase property value. Since not every upgrade will pay off, it is best to turn to tried out methods of improving kerb appeal. A sure way to create a positive and memorable first impression on potential buyers is through landscaping....
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